Lomo Saltado Breakfast // Vanessa Montes 0

Lomo Saltado Breakfast

Today I made Homemade Lomo Saltado Breakfast Style! Lomo Saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish that consist of sautéed beef strips, onions, tomatoes, among other

June 12, 2013 blog, my cooking
Exercise Bacon // Vanessa Montes 0

Exercise. Eggs Are Sides. Bacon.


March 11, 2013 bacon, blog
Gallo Pinto, Eggs and Sausage // Vanessa Montes 0

Gallo Pinto, Eggs & Sausage

So much for sleeping. Woke up hungry like a wolf. Cereal wasn’t going to cut it today, so I put together a meal out of

January 24, 2013 blog, my cooking
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